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Why does website design matter?

How many times have you looked at a site only to get frustrated that it was slow to load, confusing to navigate, had too much going on, didn’t view properly on your phone, or didn’t have the information you needed? If this is the case, many customers will leave the site and check out a competitor that provides a better or easier user experience. Let us develop a framework that is both easy for consumers to navigate and filled with content to educate and build your value and their trust so they want to chose your company.

Why a nice looking website isn't enough

A quick Google search returned that there were close to 1.75 billion websites in the world at the start of 2020. You have to get found among the masses. When someone searches for a company or service, the search engine wants to return the most helpful sites so people continue to trust its results and use it over other websites. Developing a website with valuable content, internal linking, buyer intent keywords, and other SEO principles will allow search engines to find your site, deem it helpful, and return it in the search results. Your site should be more than just a flashy digital brochure. If your site wasn’t developed with strategic marketing and increased revenues in mind, we are the Cleveland web design company to revamp it.

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Mobile Responsive Cleveland Website

With more than half of all internet searches being conducted on mobile devices, it is critical to have a mobile responsive design. Responsive websites adapt the content on the page to allow it to be viewed optimally on different sized screens from phones to tablets to even Smart TVs. If words are split in half between lines, cut off, require scrolling horizontally, or text is too small to read, users are not going to be impressed with your company or remain on your site for long. Responsive layout ensures text is readable without zooming and users only scroll up or down. Additionally, sections or photos may be removed to create a streamlined experience without excessive scrolling. With the rise of mobile users, it is important to adapt the content to their needs or intentions and convert them into a sale right away by integrating click to call buttons, contact forms, or driving directions for brick and mortar stores.