Why you need a Cleveland SEO company

Have you ever stumbled on a billboard in the middle of a remote forest? I’m guessing no. Billboards are placed strategically where lots of people will see them on a daily basis. The same needs to be true of your website. The site can be informative with a great appearance, but if no one sees it… you get the point. Think of SEO as placing your website on the side of a busy highway. Choosing a Cleveland SEO agency guarantees we know which terms, content, and spots will get your company noticed with our local consumers.

What's the backbone of SEO?

At the core, relevant search terms called keywords need to be researched to determine the best search volume words consumers use when looking for businesses. When determining search engine optimization Cleveland companies need, Wise Owl Digital analyzes these keywords and volume to target only the most beneficial terms for your website. Those terms will be used throughout your content, titles, meta descriptions, alt text, and more to get you ranking and more views. Google will penalize a site’s ranking for ‘stuffing’ so it’s important to do this in a balanced, natural manner. Use a pro that knows the ins and outs: call us today!

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How do you get on page one?!

Once you get the right keywords on the page so your organization turns up in the search results, many other factors determine which companies are on page one versus page five. Your organization deserves a Cleveland SEO expert that understands all the nuances of on-page and off-page optimization and can deliver a multi-faceted strategy.

These are some of the on-page and off-page items that impact your rankings:

  • How fast your site loads (image optimization is important along with lazy loading your images)
  • Whether visitors click through to other pages while on your site (creating internal links helps with this)
  • Submitting your sitemap to search engines
  • Creating backlinks to your site on other credible, high ranking sites makes Google trust and rank you better too. Think of it as being endorsed by an expert in Google’s eyes.
  • Having consistency across the web. Your business name, address, phone, URL should all be identical down to punctuation. If search engines see you more often, they take you more seriously as a business.
  • Search engines want to return relevant and helpful sites so you should be educating your customers, not just posting pictures.