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What is Google My Business?

Google My Business (GMB) allows businesses to create a free profile listing that enables consumers to find them when searching the web or map apps. Your profile allows customers to see reviews, hours, photos, menus, location, contact info, website links, and much more. With so much information at their fingertips, it’s no surprise that a high percentage of people use this tool when making purchasing decisions. If you do not have a GMB profile, your business is not in the game.

What makes a GMB profile good?

Once you have a business profile with Google, it needs to be optimized. Everything from hours, the best categories, optimized photos, keyword rich description, to verifying your company with Google. Obtaining customer reviews will add credibility to your business and potential customers take this into consideration. Google review management boosts your trust level as well and should be done regularly to engage with past customers. Additionally, Google likes to see questions answered. Short on time, call our Cleveland digital marketing team!

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What are citations and why are they necessary?

Local citations are a reference to your businesses name, address, and phone number found on the web. These can occur on a variety of sites such as directories, social media listings, websites, etc. They allow your organization to be discovered by consumers. Cleveland citations will also boost your rankings in Google. You must be careful that they are exactly right though if you want them to count and increase your ranking. Our team can make sure these are done the right way and listed in all the best locations. 

Why does the Google Map Pack matter?

How often have you hit next or scrolled really far down in the search results? I know it’s been a while for me. Most people only look at the top few results. Google actually provides only three businesses in the Google Map Pack on website searches and the rest require the customer to take action to view more businesses. The top three get the most views, clicks, and business. Our Cleveland strategic marketing pros can increase your ranking in the map results through GMB optimization, getting the best citations, Google review management, and other site review management such as Facebook and Yelp reviews. While we are at it, our team will also optimize your Facebook business page and Yelp business listing to increase the ways clients discover your company. Get to the top of the list: call us today!

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